Romanian Soccer Coach Just Punches Ref In The Face (Video)

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It looks like SOMEONE didn’t use their WORDS to express their frustration. A Romanian soccer coach, upset at a call in the 110th minute of a 3-3 tie between Arsenal Malu and Union Springs, decided to let fly his frustrations with a ref by punching him in the face with a killer right hook.

The whole thing started when a Union Springs player got called for a handball in the box. Several of his teammates crowded around the ref when the call was made. Then the coach took to the field. Normally, a coach serves as the voice of reason, as if to say, “Hey guys, the game isn’t over, and even if it is, this isn’t worth hurting anyone over.”

Not this time.

The coach found his way through the threatening crowd and socked the ref right in the face.

Here’s the video of the crazy encounter:

Remarkably, the game wasn’t called, and the Arsenal Malu player missed the penalty kick, and the offending Union Springs team won the match in penalty kicks after extra time.

So much for karma.

Hat Tip – [101 Great Goals]

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