The 2015 MLB All-Star Starters Have Been Announced, and There Are Still Too Many Royals

2015 mlb all-star starters

The 2015 MLB All-Star starters have been announced. And after all that worrying that the AL team was basically going to be seven Kansas City Royals and Mike Trout, in the end “only” four Royals made the cut based of fan voting.

Take a look:

2015 mlb all-star starters
Of course, four Royals is still too many. Two would suffice.

Lorenzo Cain is an excellent choice in center field, seeing as his 4.0 WAR is second-best among AL outfielders. And Salvador Perez isn’t a terrible choice at catcher, as he has a solid 12 home runs and leads the AL in defensive WAR. (Though I still would have gone with Russell Martin.)

But Alex Gordon and Alcides Escobar? Gordon is literally the 15th-best outfielder in the junior circuit, while Escobar is playing decent defense and batting just .276/.314/.357, which is nothing special. Boston’s Xander Bogaerts is hitting .302/.339/.414 and leading AL shortstops with a 2.4 WAR.

Having too many Royals is not the AL’s only problem, though. Miguel Cabrera just hit the DL for the first time in his career. While Albert Pujols will make a fine replacement, given his 25 home runs at time of writing, there’s no replacing the best all-around hitter in baseball.

Of course, the NL has a few injuries, too—most notably that of ball-murderer Giancarlo Stanton. But their starting lineup is better to begin with, as NL voters appear to have been far more rational.

AL voters did get one thing right, though. Josh Donaldson—who has 19 HRs, 4.3 WAR, and plays stellar defense—set an all-time record with 14 million votes. While Manny Machado has been just about as good as Donaldson, it’s hard to argue that Donaldson wasn’t deserving of the honor.

The 2015 MLB All-Star Game is Tuesday, July 14 at 7PM EST on Fox.

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