This 9 Year-Old Fisherman Caught a 600-LB Sturgeon (Video)


It feels pretty weird to refer to a 9 year-old as a “fisherman,” as I did in the headline, but after pulling in this gigantic sturgeon, I say he’s earned the title.

His name isn’t given, possibly to keep him anonymous from any vindictive sturgeons out there, but we do know that he hails from New Jersey, and caught the giant fish in British Columbia. This video mostly shows the aftermath, but there are several stills that show him battling the fish.

It’s pretty amazing. I mean, I don’t know how anyone, let alone a little kid, battles a 600-lb ANYTHING and manages to win—which leads to a claim or two about the veracity of this story. We don’t see him pulling the 10 foot long fish in, but we do see him posing, which means this could have been a bait-and-switch (HA!), since the story is a bit more compelling with a little kid than it would be with an adult.

Hat Tip – [BarDown]

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