This Dunk Attempt Over a Car Is Both Sad and Shameful (Video)

dunk attempt

While the prevalence of dunk mix tapes has brought countless hours of amazing dunk attempts to the world, somewhere, gathering dust in an Internet basement, has to be a hundred times as many videos that show failed dunk attempt after failed dunk attempt.

I mean, just think about the All-Star game dunking. That’s more often boring as hell, and those people are supposedly the best.

As for this video, we have a guy who clearly doesn’t look like the best, trying to jump over a Mustang convertible to throw down. As you can infer by the headline, it doesn’t go according to plan, and the player ends up straddling the door and the rear passenger seat.

Watch and take note:

That’s a BAD dunk attempt. And it could have gone bad a million ways, either with a groin injury, or by overextending the knee that didn’t make it out of the car. Let’s hope he’s ok, and he never tries that again.

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