Little Girl Uses a Slingbow to Remove Her Loose Tooth (Video)


Wow. I might not be the toughest guy in the world, but I was hoping that I wouldn’t be put to shame by a pre-teen girl on YouTube. This girl, upon finding a loose baby tooth, removes it in the most bad-ass, Hunger Games way possible. She ties a string around the tooth, and then another end to the back of an arrow that she launches with a slingbow.

I didn’t know what a slingbow was until I saw this. Now I know how cool it is. It appears, as the name suggests, to be a slingshot/crossbow hybrid that seems to be a little more like a toy than a usual crossbow, but is still nothing to be trifled with .

Here’s the video of the famous flying tooth:

Ok. We get it, little girl. You’re tough as nails. Thanks for rubbing it in.

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