Tennis Douche Alert! There Was Another Nick Kyrgios Meltdown at Wimbledon Today (Video)

nick kyrgios meltdown

Nick Kyrgios‘s Wimbledon is over, and the up-and-coming Aussie tennis douche went out in a blaze of petulant glory.

Kyrgios lost to Richard Gasquet in the fourth round today. However, long before his fate was sealed, in just the third game of the second set, an umpire issued a warning to Kyrgios about his excessive swearing. So Kyrgios decided to teach that umpire a lesson by…completely tanking the game.

Let me reiterate—the match was far from over. It’s not like Kyrgios was trailing Roger Federer by two sets and five games to none. It was just the third game of the second set. There was plenty of time to rally and beat No. 21 Richard Gasquet.

But alas, pouting seemed like the better option to Kyrgios.

That wasn’t the end of it, either. A little later on he got into a completely unnecessary argument with the chair umpire about his socks.

Check out the Nick Kyrgios meltdown highlight reel:

Man, what a douche.

Apparently Kyrgios could face a $250,000 fine from the International Tennis Federation for tanking a match. However, that seems pretty extreme, seeing as how he only really tanked one game.

I’m sure the ITF will do something, though. This dude is a disgrace.

Hat Tip – [Deadspin]

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