Rugby Player Bites Another’s Finger, Gets Punched (Video)

rugby player

We’ve got yet another instance of how insane rugby matches can be. They often appear to be highly-orchestrated prison riots, with the way one rugby player can treat another.

In this clip, George Edwards gets tackled (fine). Then, as he’s laying on the ground, a late arrival to the pile presses his hand on Edwards’ face/eyes (not fine). In an effort to defend himself, somewhat understandably, Edwards bites the offending player, Dion Snell, right in the finger.

Here’s the video:

Given the nature of the game, I don’t entirely blame the biter for biting, nor do I blame the puncher for punching. However, it looks like Edwards took that punch pretty hard, requiring medical attention, though he did return to the match shortly thereafter.

It’s unclear what the puncher’s punishment was, but seeing as how this is rugby, they probably just chalked it up to “boys will be boys” and gave everyone beers.

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