Sad TJ Oshie Fan Gets to Talk to Her Favorite (Former) Blues Player on SportsCenter (Video)

tj oshie fan meet oshie on sportscenter

These days, any time a star player with a big following gets traded, parents pick up their phones and record video as they break the news to their kids, just in case they have a total meltdown.

It’s kind of weird, really. I’m not sure why the internet loves seeing videos of the exact moment youthful innocence is shattered by the cold hard facts of life. But it does.

The latest example came late last week, when the St. Louis Blues traded fan favorite T.J. Oshie to the Washington Capitals for gritty forward Troy Brouwer and goalie prospect Pheonix Copley. We can assume that parents all around St. Louis had their camera’s recording when they broke the sad news to wee hockey fans. But the only video that went viral in the aftermath of the Oshie trade starred an adorable little munchkin named Libby Lu. She was heartbroken when she heard the news that her favorite player had been traded, because she knew exactly what that meant: her team loyalties require that she now root against him!

Luckily for Libby Lu, whenver these sorts of videos go viral, they always have a happy ending involving the player for whom the tears were shed. So on Sunday she got to be on SportsCenter and talk to T.J. Oshie over the phone.

Take a look:

I don’t know about the logic behind being a fan of two teams. But Oshie obviously made Libby Lu’s day, so good on him.

Hat Tip – [Russian Machine Never Breaks]

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