A-Rod Heads the List of 2015 MLB All-Star Snubs

A-Rod 2015 MLB All-Star snubs

On Sunday MLB revealed which players were elected starters for the 2015 MLB All-Star Game. On Monday they released the player selections, manager selections, and candidates for the “final player” vote.

As always, there are plenty of questionable selections and obvious snubs. But before we get to those, take a look at who made the cut:

2015 MLB All-Star Game rosters (National League All-Star Roster)

2015 MLB All-Star Game rosters (American League All-Star Roster)

So now, who shouldn’t be there? Well, in the NL the only truly questionable choice is the Rockies’ DJ LeMahieu. He may have won the gold glove last year, but your grandma hits for more power. There were better choices at second base.

On the AL side, the only players who just don’t quite belong are the Royals’ Alcides Escobar and Alex Gordon. But we already covered that yesterday. So lets move on to the snubs.

The biggest snub in the NL is probably Cardinals second baseman Kolten Wong.  The fans voted in Dee Gordon, which makes sense seeing as how he’s hitting .339/.360/.418. Then Bruce Bochey selected his own Joe Panik, and you can’t fault him for that because Panik is having a hell of a year. But Wong has a slick glove and is hitting .281/.339/.444 with nine homers and 18 doubles. The players should have voted for him instead of the aforementioned LeMahieu.

In the AL there are a few more snubs. Both Yoenis Cespedes and Brett Gardner would have been better choices than Alex Gordon, and Twins second baseman Brian Dozier is slugging .517 with 17 homers.

However, the biggest AL snub is none other than Alex Rodriguez. Everybody thought he was going to be shite this season coming off his one-year suspension for taking (and repeatedly lying about) PEDs. However, all he’s done is hit .284/.390/.513 with 16 home runs at the age of 39. His OPS of .902 is the ninth-best in the AL, better than that of All-Stars Albert PujolsJosh DonaldsonManny MachadoMark Teixeira, and Lorenzo Cain.

So why didn’t AL manager Neg Yost pick A-Rod for his squad?

“Because he’s a cheater and an a**hole and nobody likes him.”

Noooo, just kidding. Ned Yost didn’t say that. Here’s what Ned Yost actually said on ESPN:

“We talked about A-Rod a lot. You look back at this five-man vote and we have three infielders, two outfielders, and we felt that it was important that we don’t — we have Brock Holt that can play anywhere in the infield, but any other position we have a starter and a backup. In the outfield we have three starters and three backups. So I just felt very strongly that if we could get another infielder or another outfielder out of that five-man vote it would help us. That’s what went in that decision.”

Sorry Mr. Rod, you and you’re ninth-best OPS didn’t make the AL All-Star team because Yost needed roster flexibility. Maybe next year?

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