This Incredible Aaron Hicks Over-the-Shoulder Basket Catch Is Shades of Willie Mays (Video)

aaron hicks over-the-shoulder basket catch

This probably goes without saying, but if you’re a baseball player and people are comparing you to Willie Mays, you’re doing something right.

On Monday night, people were making such comparisons of Minnesota Twins center fielder Aaron Hicks. In the top of the fourth with a runner on first and two outs, Orioles right fielder Chris Parmelee launched a shot to deep left-center field that had RBI double written all over it. However Hicks had other ideas. He sprinted backwards, tracked the ball down, channeled Willie Mays, and made the catch.

Behold the absolutely incredible Aaron Hicks over-the-shoulder basket catch:

Of course, Mays made “The Catch” during Game 1 of the 1954 World Series, while Hicks made his during Game 1 of a three-game set against Baltimore in early July. So the stakes were not exactly the same.

But like I said, anytime you remind people of Willie Mays, you’re doing it right. So hats off to Hicks.

Hat Tip – [Cut4]

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