Bully Taught a Lesson When He Is Made to Fight Pro Boxer (Video)


Parenting can be a tricky thing. So I doubt that everyone’s in agreement that this dad handled this particular matter in the perfect way, but I doubt the kid will fall back into his old habits. After learning that his son had been bullying other kids, a dad forced his son to get in the ring with a pro fighter.

Though the pro held back quite a bit and mostly just played up the intimidation factor, he did get a few punches in. However, a little bit into the fight, it seemed that another, younger kid stepped in and went whole hog on the bully in question. All the while, the dad can be heard yelling “Hit back, tough guy” in the background.

Here’s the video:

The kid walks away bloodied and bruised, which is never a fun sight to see, but if it keeps him from picking on innocent kids, then perhaps the quick, safe beating this kid took was worth it.

Don’t bully.

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