Dutch Postal Carrier Flips Out Over Tour de France Road Closures (Video)

dutch postal carrier

Most people living along the 2015 Tour de France route are probably pretty excited that the world’s most famous and prestigious cycling event is passing through their town. However, given all the road closures required, you know there are also going to be a handful of people who’d rather the race go somewhere else.

The Dutch postal carrier in the video you’re about to see belongs to the latter category.

He was trying to do his job in Utrecht on Saturday only to discover that his usual route was obstructed by the course—at which point he absolutely lost his sh*t, yanked the barricade right down, and gave race officials a piece of his mind.

The best part? For some reason the angry postal carrier is doing all his cursing in English, so we don’t have to wonder what he’s saying. “You touch me again and I’ll knock your teeth out!” you hear him tell the first woman on the scene. Then he tells another guy who tries to stop him, “Get the f**k out of my way!” before concluding, “This is ridiculous! I’ve got f**king 80 kilos worth of post!”

Take a look:

As somebody who used to live along a popular marathon route, I can certainly appreciate this guy’s frustration. That said, he’s clearly wound a little too tight. It probably wouldn’t hurt him to take advantage of his country’s lenient marijuana laws and chill the f**k out.

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