Internet’s Reaction to Spurs David West Signing? Memes…Memes Everywhere (Pics)

spurs david west signing

The San Antonio Spurs have officially won the offseason. First they locked up reigning NBA Defensive POY Kawhi Leonard and Danny Green. Then they landed the top free agent (that actually intended to switch teams) in power forward LaMarcus Aldridge, which in turn convinced Tim Duncan and Manu Ginobili to come back for one more title run.

But the cherry on top? The cherry on top is landing veteran power forward David West for a bag of Flamin’ Hot Cheetos and a wrinkled $10 bill Tim Duncan found in his acid-washed Jordaches.

West had a player option with the Pacers worth $12.6 million. However, the 34-year-old wanted to win a championship, so he turned that down. Then he turned down a $5.4 million offer from the Wizards and a $3.8 million offer from the Cavaliers to sign with Gregg Popovich and company for the veteran minimum of $1.448 million.

How many other teams in the NBA could convince a guy to take an $11 million dollar pay cut like that? (Answer: none.)

So what was Twitter’s reaction to the Spurs David West signing? Memes. Lots and lots of memes.

Take a look:

Nailed it, Twitter.

Hat Tip – [Bleacher Report]

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