Joe Rogan and Mike Goldberg Imposters Announce ‘EA UFC’ Glitches (Video)

Joe Rogan and Mike Goldberg

Some glorious soul out there took the liberty of finding glitches in the EA UFC video game. And considering the glitches don’t represent real fighting moves, the jokesters at Noober Goober Gaming got fake versions of Joe Rogan and Mike Goldberg to announce them. You know. For the sake of consistency.

I’m not terribly familiar with this announcing team, but after hearing this, I’m pretty comfortable saying it’s a pretty terrible impression. But that just makes it funnier.

In this clip, players get dizzy and fall over (that actually sounds pretty realistic), and just collapse at the sound of the bell (clearly taking a dive). We also get the pleasure of seeing a fighter throw another fighter. The problem with that is the other fighter is already¬†on the ground, and the guy doing the throwing looks like he’s cradling an invisible baby.

I can’t say if the Joe Rogan and Mike Goldberg impressions add much, but see for yourself:

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