Marshawn Lynch Biopic Won’t Be Released Because It’s “Terrible”

Marshawn Lynch Biopic Cancelled

Remember that Marshawn Lynch biopic we talked about back in February?  The one that came with a ridiculously awkward trailer that had many of us wondering whether this was for real or a joke?  Well apparently it was for real, and in a terrible turn of events, Lynch has decided not to release the movie because….well, because it’s terrible.

That’s not an exaggeration, either.  Those were pretty much the words of Lynch’s agent, Doug Hendrickson, who had the following to say when discussing the work of the film’s director, Mario Bobino:

“He did a terrible job, and the film will never be released.”

According to The Rolling Stone, Lynch and his people were also not impressed with the fact that Bobino released the trailer for the movie without Beast Mode’s consent. And speaking of that trailer, you can watch it again below, just in case you forgot how terrible it really was:

It took them four months to realize this biopic is terrible? Did they watch it for the first time last week?

Anyway, Bobino isn’t going out quietly.  He is currently writing a script about his struggles with directing this biopic in hopes of clearing his name.

“My story is the truth, so people know what happened and what I had to deal with,” Bobino said to The Rolling Stone. “If that movie had come out and it would have been successful, I would have gotten no credit. Now that it’s considered a failure, everyone is pointing the finger at Mario Bobino.”

My guess is Bobino’s movie about the struggles to create a Marshawn Lynch biopic will somehow be even worse than the Marshawn Lynch biopic itself.

For more on this story, check out The Rolling Stone‘s article here.

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