(*UPDATED*) Listen to this Rap Track by Gronk and Big Papi…If You Dare (Video)

Gronk and Papi

Much like the Medici family did, it now seems that Dunkin’ Donuts is using its considerable wealth for the advancement of art. It’s a noble effort, but you’d think they’d at least be able to leave Boston to get a few people who are more musically inclined than Gronk and Big Papi—who are both Dunkin’ spokesjocks. The song in and of itself isn’t totally horrible. It might even be listenable if I didn’t have to watch Gronk sing while Papi DJs.

I mean, Boston has Aerosmith, Dinosaur Jr, and The Pixies. Maybe those guys will sing about donuts. And if those options fail, could we get Boston? They seem like kind of a no-brainer here. Or Dropkick Murphys? They’d do anything for Boston sports.

The Pats were kind enough to leak the track, the music video to which comes out on Tuesday. (Oh, man. This keeps getting worse.)

So, there you go. Unless you’re a VERY devoted Boston sports fan, or you just have terrible taste in music, you might want to hop up and clean your ears. This song could get stuck in there.

And as we wrap this up, please take note that Gronk is in cargo shorts and David Ortiz is on the 1s and 2s. God help us all.


The full video is out!  You can check it out below:


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