Now The 2016 Gronk Party Cruise Has Its Own Trailer (Video)

Gronk Party Cruise

I’m amazed that Rob Gronkowski actually has time to play or practice football these days, let alone be the most dominant tight end in the league. The guy is seemingly everywhere, partying, doing charity work, and popping up on Family Feud from time to time. He’s even doing promotional work for Dunkin’ Donuts.

Well, you can add event planning to that list of extracurriculars. Gronk is throwing a party cruise in 2016, and to inform everyone of what they’re in for, he (or his team, more likely) has prepared a trailer of things to expect at the party.

For instance, did you know it’s going to be called “Gronk’s Party Ship?” And it’s going to feature weird neon 80s partytime font?

It will.

Here’s the trailer. Don’t say you weren’t warned about what to expect on the Gronk party cruise:

I’m guessing a dozen or so people had to have their stomach pumped just by watching that. And I take back what I said about Gronk’s “team” working on that video. It looks like one of his brothers may have made it with an iPhone and an app.

The dates are February 19-22nd, so you can bet either Gronk will feel like partying after a Super Bowl win or feel like partying after a Super Bowl loss. The man likes to party.

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