Brock Lesnar Ripped the Door Off a Cadillac and Threw It Into the Audience on WWE Monday Night Raw (Videos)

brock lesnar throw car door into audience monday night raw

On this week’s Monday Night Raw, WWE star Brock Lesnar really outdid himself.

As part of his feud with Seth Rollins, Lesnar destroyed the shiny red J&J Security Cadillac Rollins had supposedly purchased for his trusty security guards, Jamie Noble and Joey Mercury. And by “destroy,” I mean he smashed the windows and chopped holes in the thing with an ax, then ripped off the read driver-side door with his bare hands.

Take a look:

That right there is quality family entertainment. There’s just one little problem: the official WWE broadcast cuts away from Lesnar when he throws the door so you don’t actually see what happened to it. Why? Because Lesnar threw the door into the audience, and a piece of it hit some fans.

Obviously, that’s pretty dangerous, so the WWE probably didn’t want viewers at home to see what really happened.

Fortunately, as this fan video appears to show, nobody was seriously hurt. On the contrary, the fans who were hit by the flying Cadillac door seemed rather proud of themselves:

New rule proposal for WWE: no throwing car doors into the audience. Cool?

Hat Tip – [Cageside Seats]

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