Shane Buechele, 4-Star Texas Recruit, Shows Off Ball Skills (Video)

Shane Buechele

Shane Buechele, son of former Texas Ranger favorite Steve Buechele, has committed to the University of Texas as a four-star recruit. He’s widely considered to be a dual-threat quarterback that can stretch the field in the air, or grab yardage on the ground.

He can also wiggle a little football between his legs in the cutest way possible. Take a look:

Ok. That’s actually a pretty cool move. But to what end? In the time it took for Shane Buechele to not only learn that parlor trick, but perfect it, he could have rehashed his throwing technique or gotten another 20 hours in the weight room.


Maybe he’s an 18 year-old kid having some fun while being filmed, and we should enjoy this little thing he’s got going.

Because—I guarantee you—if he breaks around the corner and starts dribbling the damn football, defenses will be STUNNED.

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