Here’s How The Tour de France Looks Through a GoPro (Video)

Tour de France

Sure, some of these POV videos featuring GoPros are just blatant GoPro marketing, created and released by the company itself, but that doesn’t change the fact that they’re pretty spectacular clips. For instance, we’re used to seeing the Tour De France, the world’s premiere cycling race, from the vantage point of a van or motorcycle riding alongside the pack, or trailing it, or leading it and looking back.

Now, we get a viewpoint of what it’s like to be handlebar-level in┬áthe peloton, or breaking away from it. And yeah, while we’re not looking forward to them, the crashes will probably be absolutely terrifying when viewed this way.

Here’s the GoPro video of the Tour de France, which started on Saturday and runs until the 26th.

Most of the footage is pretty cool, but it’s the ones in the rain that get my heart racing a little bit. It’s like scary piano music in a horror film.

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