Ump Takes Foul Ball From a Hipster, Tosses It to Kid (Video)

Foul ball

Score one for karmic justice as an ump in Monday’s Mets-Giants game tracked down a foul ball on the first-base side, saved it from the coffee-scented grasp of a belfanneled hipster, and tossed it to a much younger fan. It’s a heartwarming story that everyone can get behind. Except the hipster, but their feelings don’t matter.

There’s been a rash of foul ball altercations recently that have ended up with the more selfish or stronger party taking possession¬†of the ball. But we’ve also had a few instances recently of even celebs¬†giving their ball up to little kids. So I guess it’s cutting both ways. But we still don’t mind this ump getting involved.

That first guy would probably have just put an ironic Bartolo Colon signature on the ball anyway.

Here’s the clip:

Sweet, sweet justice.

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