Zach Mettenberger Rekindles His Selfie Feud with JJ Watt in New Interview (Video + Pic)

zach mettenberger-jj watt selfie feud

Last October, Houston Texans superbeast JJ Watt gave Tennessee Titans rookie quarterback Zach Mettenberger a hard time for taking and posting some selfies in the days and hours before his first ever NFL start. Watt even performed a selfie sack dance after taking Mettenberger down.

Watt’s objection? It wasn’t with selfies as such. It was with the timing of Mettenberger’s selfies. Watt thought his opponent should have been more focused on preparing for the game than taking a selfie 90 minutes before kickoff.

Why was Watt worried about what the other team’s QB was doing before the game? That’s unclear. But Watt’s been giving Mettenberger sh*t for his selfies ever since, taking jabs at the kid every time he posts a selfie of his own.

Take a look:

Last walk with the land for a bit. #OhNoHeTookASelfie #ItWasntRightBeforeAGame #ItFeelsLikeTheMiddleOfNowhere #RedNation #Houston #Hashtag

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Now Zach Mettenberger is finally firing back.

In an interview with Campus Sports, Marcus Mariotta‘s new backup talked about selfie-gate (did anyone call it that?) and pointed out that, if JJ Watt doesn’t think NFL players should act like their in high school, he shouldn’t go around wearing a letterman jacket:

JJ Watt’s response?

Personally I’m on Mettenberger’s side. I love JJ Watt, but if it’s not his QB he doesn’t need to open his mouth.

That said, I also think there’s no way Mettenberger can win a war of words with the baddest dude in the NFL. So he should probably just let it go.

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