Cubs Fan Bill Murray Was Talking Trash to a Cardinals Fan at the John Deere Classic Pro Am (Video)

cubs fan bill murray

Over the last couple years, the St. Louis Cardinals have supplanted the Yankees as the most hated team in baseball. And while people will tell you it’s because they’re smug, self-righteous douchebags with obnoxious fans who may or may not spy on other teams, in reality it’s mostly because they just keep winning. Every year. No matter what.

That said, Cubs fans have been hating the Cardinals since way before it was cool. The two teams have been arch rivals since the 40s and 50s, when MLB’s two western-most teams battled for the hearts and minds (and dollars and cents) of baseball fans between the Mississippi and the Rocky Mountains, establishing fault lines of loyalty across the midwest.

Why do I bring this up? Because on Wednesday, Cubs fan Bill Murray trolled the hell out of a Cardinals fan at the John Deere Classic Pro-Am in Silvis, Illinois, which is right on the border between Cubs Country and Cardinals Country. And I didn’t want you to think he was just some bandwagon hater. He comes by his enmity for The Cardinal Way™ honestly.

Of course, Bill Murray didn’t troll only Cardinals fans at the John Deere Classic Pro Am. He actually trolled just about anyone who talked to him. But the Cardinals fan got the most heat.

Take a look:

Just Bill Murray being Bill Murray. You gotta love it.

Hat Tip – [Uproxx]

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