Buccaneers Cornerback CJ Wilson Also Lost Fingers in a 4th of July Fireworks Mishap

buccaneers cornerback cj wilson

Turns out Jason Pierre-Paul wasn’t the only NFL player to blow up his hand on the 4th of July. Tampa Bay Buccaneers cornerback CJ Wilson also suffered a fireworks mishap, his father told a Charlotte, North Carolina, television station. And whereas JPP “only” lost one finger, Wilson lost two.

Wilson’s agent declined to offer any specifics of the injury, and the Bucs only issued a general statement saying they are “aware” of the injury and that they are only concerned about Wilson’s “long-term health.”

However, CJ Wilson’s dad, Curtin Wilson Sr, told WBTV that his son was holding a fireworks canister in his hand, and that the fireworks that were supposed to pop out of the canister didn’t pop.

Of course, that’s why you don’t hold fireworks canisters in your hand. Because they can malfunction and blow up your hand…or worse. Now, because of shear recklessness and stupidity, a guy whose supposed to intercept footballs for a living is down to just eight fingers.

It’s still to early to say what will happen to Wilson’s career. However, things certainly don’t look good. Wilson was just a replacement level player with four total appearances over two seasons. He was only scheduled to make $500K with the Bucs this year. But unlike Jason Pierre-Paul, a defensive end, Wilson actually needs to be able to catch footballs. And that’s going to be very hard to do without one of his index and middle fingers.


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