Man Takes on Bull with Flaming Horns. It Doesn’t Go Well. (Video)


It’s one thing to take on a bull, any old bull. We saw that yesterday with video of some poor idiots in Pamplona getting gored by running bulls. Well, one guy decided to up the ante even higher by taking on a bull, in an enclosure. Only this was a bull with flaming horns.

Because a regular bull just isn’t dangerous enough.

Before we get to the video, I’d like to lay out a few observations. Look at the swagger of this guy. He’s clearly some sort of tourist or something, and he’s just begging to get gored by this bull with flaming horns.

Then look at the bull. The bull looks like it’s just had a bad day, and considering it’s now squaring off with this jerk with fire atop its head, that’s probably the case.

Okay. The video.

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