Awesome Chicago Blackhawks Flipbook Celebrates their Historic Stanley Cup Run (Video)

chicago blackhawks flipbook

The internet is full of unexpectedly awesome things. And one of our favorite unexpectedly awesome things on the internet is The Flippist, an artist and illustrator who specializes in making custom flipbooks.

The Flippist first came to our attention back in November, when he did a flipbook version of that insane one-handed Vladimir Tarasenko goal. Then he came to our attention again when the New York Giants got him to make a flipbook of the Odell Beckham Jr catch.

Now The Flippist has come to our attention yet again with his Chicago Blackhawks flipbook commemorating the team’s 2015 Stanley Cup Championship win over the Tampa Bay Lightning.

Take a look:

As one helpful YouTube commenter pointed out, the Duncan Keith goal in Game 6 actually came before the Patrick Kane goal. (And while we’re at it, Corey Crawford‘s left pad save on Steven Stamkos preceded the Keith goal.) But I don’t really think the point of the flipbook was to document the game exactly as it played out. The point is to pay tribute to the Blackhawks’ third championship in six years, which I think it does quite well.

Check out The Flippist’s other awesome work at

Hat Tip – [Puck Daddy]

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