It’s Official: DeAndre Jordan Free Agency Saga Ends with Center Reneging in Mavs Deal to Rejoin Clippers

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Well it’s official. After one of the weirdest and most entertaining days in the history of NBA free agency, the DeAndre Jordan free agency saga is over. The 6’11” center has spurned the Dallas Mavericks and rejoined the only NBA team he’s ever known—Los Angeles Clippers.

Last week Jordan decided to leave the Clippers and sign a four-year, $80 million max deal with the Mavericks. However, he had to wait to officially sign until Thursday at 12:01 AM ET, when the leaguewide moratorium on transactions expired. And over the weekend Jordan had a change of heart, apparently deciding that the friction he had with banana boat enthusiast Chris Paul did not outweigh his desire to stay on the only team he’d ever known and actually contend for a championship. So on Monday, Jordan reached out to Blake Griffin and coach Doc Rivers and told them he was having second thoughts about signing with Dallas.

Now, when free agents reach verbal agreements, other teams are technically permitted to try to change their minds. However, that’s generally not done. The unspoken rule is that once a guy make a verbal commitment, he’s off limits.

In this case, the Clippers did leave Jordan alone after he committed to the Mavs…until he contacted them. Then Chris Paul, Blake Griffin, Doc Rivers, J.J. ReddickPaul Pierce, and owner Steve Balmer flew, boated, helicoptered, and drove to Jordan’s home in Houston for a meeting—initiating the great NBA Emoji War of 2015.

That’s when things got really weird.

The official “meeting” did not take very long at all. Chris Paul reportedly got all emotional, saying he had no idea Jordan has hard feelings toward him, that he thought they were “brothers,” and that he’d try to get him more involved in the offense. And that was apparently all Jordan needed to hear.

However, some reports claimed the Clippers contingent “refused” to leave after the meeting. With Chandler Parsons having flown in from Vegas and Mavs over Mark Cuban driving around Houston desperately trying to get somebody to give him DeAndre’s address, Jordan’s coach, owner, and teammates supposedly would not leave his side until he signed the papers at 12:01.

Of course, those reports that the Clippers group refused to leave made it sound like they were holding Jordan hostage or something, which Blake Griffin found to be pretty amusing.

In reality, while it’s probably true that the Clippers didn’t want Jordan getting weak and talking to the Mavs, they were really just keeping him company and having a good time (reportedly playing poker and video games and mostly likely consuming a few alcoholic beverages) until the paperwork was signed.

And it was eventually signed: four years, $88 million, with an opt-out after three.

So, after one of the craziest days in the history of NBA free agency, the Clippers retained their third-best player, and the Mavericks basically became a lottery team.

One can only assume Mark Cuban and Mavericks fans everywhere were not too pleased with the way things turned out. Jordan screwed them big time.

But at least Chandler Parsons kept his sense of humor.

Hat Tip – [ESPN]

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