Awesome Fans Dress Like Umps in Seats Behind Home Plate (Video)


Two fans at the Mets-Giants game in San Francisco last night opted out of wearing their favorite player’s jersey and opted in to wear their favorite ump’s…everything. Told more directly, two fans seated in TERRIFIC seats behind home plate donned umpire masks and blue shirts, imitating every call that actual home plate ump Andy Fletcher made.

They didn’t cause any harm, and didn’t seem to bother anyone. They just weirdly, and delightfully devoid of agenda, felt like pretending to be umps at the ballpark.

Here’s the video:

It’s the little things, folks. Someone give these guys a medal.

Ok. Maybe not a medal. But at least a couple beers.

I knew it was too much to hope that if a player argued with the real ump, that two more would approach these guys and get in their faces. But it was fun to hold out hope.

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