James Harrison Calls Out Adam Schefter For Posting JPP’s Medical Info

James Harrison

Jason Pierre-Paul made a name for himself while playing defensive end for the NFL’s New York Giants over the past five seasons.  He made an even bigger name for himself after he blew his damn hand up with fireworks over the 4th of July.

The medical fallout from that incident included the amputation of his right index finger. However, that fact was only discovered after ESPN’s Adam Schefter got a copy of his medical chart and posted it on Twitter.

How did he get it? We’ll likely never know.

But he got it, and he posted it. And that pissed off James Harrison, another defensive standout, albeit one on another team.

Here’s the original Tweet and the response:

It’s a weird situation. I don’t think broadcasting players’ medical info is cool, but it’s a public interest issue (as much as sports are, anyway).  Any outlet would have reported the news based on that info, but ESPN was just backing up their report with a document, albeit one that rarely sees the light of day.

Is Adam Schefter a piece of sh*t? That’s up for debate. but he’s got James Harrison mad at him, which isn’t a great spot to be in.

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