LeBron James Signs 2-Year Deal With Cavs

LeBron James signs Cavs

In the most unsurprising move since LeBron James decided to opt-out of the final year contract with the Cavs, the four-time NBA MVP has decided to resign with the Cleveland Cavaliers.

James’ newest contract is of the two-year variety, with a player option for the second year.  LeBron was expected to resign with the Cavs from the beginning, with everyone well aware that his reasoning for opting out in the first place was simply a matter of him upping his contract for the 2015-16 season by a cool $1.4 million.  That means he’ll make $22.97 million next season (according to ESPN’s Chris Broussard), and he’s slated to make $24-million in 2016-17—though many expect him to opt out once again so that he may receive another raise once the league’s new television deal kicks in.

Here’s Broussard’s Tweet:

Looks like there won’t be any LeBron James Cavaliers jerseys going up in flames this summer.

That’s too bad.


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