DeAndre Jordan Fiasco Leads to Delightful Mark Cuban-Chris Broussard Twitter Beef (Tweets)

mark cuban-chris broussard twitter beef

The best thing to come out of the DeAndre Jordan free agency fiasco was, without a doubt, the NBA Twitter Emoji War.

But the second best thing to come out of it? That would be this awesome Mark Cuban-Chris Broussard Twitter beef.

It all started on Wednesday night with a pair of tweets by Broussard concerning Cuban’s whereabouts and state of mind while the sports world waited to hear DeAndre Jordan’s final decision.

You see, Mark Cuban’s brother, Brian Cuban, took exception to Broussard’s report that Cuban was “beside himself” and couldn’t figure out where DeAndre Jordan lives. So he tweeted back.

Then, after Brian’s initial tweet went viral, he doubled down on his criticism.

Eventually Mark Cuban himself joined the fray. And that’s when things got really heated.

Of course, just when you thought Brian Cuban was out of it, he went and chimed in again.

Obviously, this is all incredibly entertaining. And while I don’t want to take sides in this little spat, I can’t end this post without sharing this Chris Broussard meme…

chris broussard meme
Okay, now you may go.

Hat Tip – [Bleacher Report]

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