This Graceful MMA Nutshot Involves a Flip and a Stomp (Video)


Normally, I would say that any nutshot, even in MMA, is a terrible offense that needs to be dealt with harshly. It’s cheating. But this one makes me second-guess that stance as I marvel at what Chinese fighter Ze Wu did to get from point A (his stance) to point B (slamming his foot on some guy’s junk). It wasn’t the most direct path, but it was plenty fun to watch him make the trip.

He pulled back, then sprung forward with a front/side flip thing (a McTwist?).  Then, as he landed, Ze shot his leg forward to make sure that his opponent, Hui Qiang Wu, never had any little Wu children of his own.

See how it happened:

That’s how you cheat with style.

Ze won in a second round submission, though I think they could have called the fight right here.

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