Paige Renee Has The Hottest Swing In Golf (Video + Pics)

Paige Renee SDSU Golfer 1

If Paige Renee walked past you on the street, you’d probably stop, stare, and simply assume the woman was a fitness/swimsuit model.  And she probably could be. (Who knows?  Maybe she is!)

The awesome thing is, she’s actually a golfer.  And a pretty damn good one, at that.

How do I know she’s “pretty damn good”?  Just have a look at her swing:

A video posted by @_paige.renee on

A video posted by @_paige.renee on

A video posted by @_paige.renee on

And if the swing isn’t enough, there’s also the trophies:

Won the Colorado State Match Play tournament! And was medalist with a 68

A photo posted by @_paige.renee on

Convinced? Whatever.

Here are some more pics of the lovely Paige Renee:

You can check out her Instagram here.

Hat Tip – [TMF via BroBible]

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