Watch 5’5″ Porter Maberry Channel His Inner Spud Webb (Video)

Porter Maberry

You might not know the name Porter Maberry, but if you look above, he might be soaring over your head right now. The 5’5″ street ball star took part in the Sprite Kings of Air dunk contest, and it was more than just his height that was reminiscent of diminutive Atlanta dunk champion Spud Webb.

Maberry was also wearing a Spud Webb throwback jersey in an effort to nail the connection home for the fans. And in case the crowd REALLY didn’t get that he was paying tribute to short dunkers in NBA history, he also threw some love in the direction of Nate Robinson.

Muggsy Bogues didn’t get so much as a mention. Probably because he can’t dunk, and thus isn’t relevant to Porter.

Here’s the clip:

Porter Maberry got a perfect 50 for his dunk, which means that playing up the “little guy who dunks” angle really paid off.

Also, that was a hell of a dunk.

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