Trevor Bauer Reaction to Impressive Evan Gattis Home Run: “Wow” (Video)

Trevor Bauer Reaction to Evan Gattis Home Run

In baseball, coaches always tell pitchers that if they’re going to miss their spots, miss them out of the strike zone. Don’t miss over the plate in the hitter’s wheelhouse.

On Wednesday night in Cleveland, that’s exactly what Indians pitcher Trevor Bauer did against the Astros’ Evan Gattis in the top of the first. Aiming to paint the inside corner of the plate and get in on the hands of the right-handed hitting Gattis, Bauer’s 0-1 pitch sailed a good foot-and-a-half high. Most batters would have just watched it go by for ball one.

Unfortunately for Bauer, shoulder-high is apparently right where Gattis likes ’em. So he tomahawked that errant 94-mph fastball over the wall in left field for his 15th home run of the season.

After that, all Bauer could say was “wow.”

Take a look:

The lesson? If you’re going to miss to Evan Gattis, miss in the dirt. Or just hit him.

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