Tip: Don’t High Five Dirtbike Riders in Mid-Air (Video)


I’m sure that dirtbike races have some X-Games-specific name like moto-style or cross-biking, but I’m not going to look it up, so for the purposes of this video post, they’re dirtbikers.

Now check out what happens when this guy stands in the middle of a dirtbike track and tries to high-five dirtbike riders. Actually, you don’t need to check it out, because you can probably guess. And if you can’t, then you can watch the video as a last resort.

Hint: When standing on a dirtbike track, always be facing where the traffic is coming from.

I like how he says, “Oh no!” in this sarcastic tone after the first uneventful high-five, completely unaware that there’s about 450 lbs. of driver and bike moving at about 50 MPH in the air, about to crush him.

For the love of God, sir, please wait until after the race to get your friendly gestures in.

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