Did Doc Rivers’ Hot Daughter Convince DeAndre Jordan to Stay In L.A.? (Pics)

Doc Rivers' Hot Daughter

Why exactly did DeAndre Jordan decide to back out of his agreement with the Dallas Mavericks to stay with the Los Angeles Clippers?  Some say it had to do with his emotional talk with Chris Paul regarding their reportedly frosty relationship.  Others say it was simply because he believed his best chances to contend for a championship were with the Clippers.  And let’s not forget about the money (which he’d earn more of by staying with the Clippers).

All of those reasons make sense, but nether is the actual reason for Jordan’s reluctance to leave L.A.  So what is the reason?

Doc Rivers‘ hot daughter, Callie.

According to the Fort Worth Star-Telegram’s Dwain Prince, DeAndre was all set to join the Mavs until Callie Rivers got a hold of him:

It’s hard to say exactly what Dwain is trying to imply (the grammar in that last Tweet makes my head hurt), but one look at Callie and you may get the idea: