Marshawn Lynch Shows He’s a Kickball Powerhouse, Too (Video)

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Marshawn Lynch has shown that he’s a man of remarkably few words in public. But at this Family First BBQ, he didn’t need to say a thing. The Seahawks running back let his leg do the talking as he belted a couple of ridiculously long kickball kicks at the event.

Since the footage was on a camera phone, it’s a little hard to tell where the balls actually ends up, but the fact that they pretty much disappear in the air is a good sign that they’re gone for good.

Looks like Marshawn Lynch is ready for the upcoming NFL season. And he even managed to shake a couple tackles between 2nd and 3rd. Though we probably would like to have seen an NFL running back move through the bases a little faster, we understand that this was a picnic in a park, and not a combine.

Still, I think that most pro athletes would be kickball juggernauts, so maybe we could get some exhibition kickball games going in the offseason, rather than softball or, even worse, golf tournaments? I mean, let’s at least find an activity that requires these athletic specimens to move, rather than stand still and suck at golf.

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