Oh, Man, This Dive at the Pan-Am Games Went Very Wrong (Video)

Pan-Am Games

The Pan-Am Games are known for being a distant, distant second to the Olympics, but still a viable venue for practicing, and, most importantly, setting records. Diver Frandial Gomez from the Dominican Republic didn’t exactly look like he was on his way to setting any sort of record (no good ones anyway) when he lined up on the 10M platform, only to sort of tip over and land in the water face-down, jackknifed.

Here’s the video:

Though it clearly didn’t go as planned, I’m having a hard time seeing what the issue is. It appears that maybe while he was holding his handstand, one arm sorta gave out before the other, throwing off his balance going into the diving moves.

Or maybe it happened while in mid-air. Either way, you don’t need to be an authority to realize that this did not go well.

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