Looks Like NBA Superstar Riley Curry Has Some Competition: A Brand New Baby Sister!

internet superstar riley curry

Earlier this summer, little Riley Curry became an internet sensation as she repeatedly stole the spotlight from her dad, Stephen Curry, as he went about winning an NBA championship.

Turns out all her NBA playoffs and championship celebration upstaging was just practice for the real battle for hearts and minds Riley will be waging for the rest of her life.

Early Saturday morning, Steph Curry alluded to some big news with a nice tweet about his wife.

On Sunday afternoon, Ayesha Curry made it official: the Curry family welcomed their second daughter, Ryan Carson Curry, into the world on July 10.

According to Ayesha, interenet superstar Riley Curry is “completely enamored with her little sister and has taken on her role as big sister beautifully.”

But that’s now. Sh*t’s gonna get real in a couple of years when everybody’s ooing and awing over little Ryan as she adorably grabs the mic during one of daddy’s press conferences.

(Obviously I’m just kidding. What would I know about sibling rivalry? I’m an only child. Congratulations to the Currys. They make adorable babies.)

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