Texas Kicker Nails an 80-Yard Field Goal in Practice (Video)

Texas Kicker

We’ve seen quite a few videos during the past couple off-seasons that suggest the legs on both pro and college kickers are getting much, much longer. A few weeks back, Alabama kicker Eddy Pineiro knocked down a 73-yarder in practice, and now Texas kicker Nick Rose has hit an 80-yarder.

These performances come with the usual caveat that it’s in practice, the pressure is off, he could have had a million tries before making one, and the conditions (perfect hold, no pressuring defense) are all in effect.

Still, getting the ball downfield 80 yards with a little room to spare is impressive, so we think we can say that this kid has one hell of a leg.

Here’s the clip:

I have no idea what the accompanying Tweet means, but this guy has hieroglyphics in his name, so maybe I’m not his target demo.

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