Watch the Donovan McNabb DUI Arrest Video

Last week we learned that Eagles great Donovan McNabb was arrested for DUI in Arizona on June 28.

This week both NBC Sports and Fox Sports announced he’s been suspended indefinitely from his analyst duties while he sorts out his legal issues.

Now we have the official Donovan McNabb DUI arrest video, courtesy of (who else?) TMZ.

In the video, a very polite and cooperative McNabb insists he hadn’t had a single drink all night before he rear-ended another car at a red light on his way home from a sports bar. And it’s obvious the guy is not wasted.

However, the officer says he smells booze on him, and McNabb does seem to be slightly impaired, repeating certain phrases over and over. He tells the officers that he’s had a cold, which is why he’s sucking on cough drops. But of course, cough drops can screw up the results of breathalyzer results. So it’s also possible that McNabb, who pled guilty to a DUI in March 2014, popped a few in after wrecking his car because he knew what was coming.

Here’s what we know for sure: the cops weren’t buying any of it.

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Arizona, by the way, has a 90-day mandatory sentence for second-time DUI offences. So things are not looking good for the former Pro Bowl quarterback.

Hat Tip – [TMZ]

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