Drake and Hannibal Buress Played Softball for Charity (Video)

Drake and Hannibal Buress

While the All-Star softball game took place on Sunday, and might be the premiere amateur softball game of the season, there was a matchup in Houston a while back that sounded like it was a pretty fun one, too.

Both Drake and Hannibal Buress got together to play in a softball game during something called the “Houston Appreciation Weekend.” That sounds like a pretty funny reason to do anything—to appreciate Houston—but it turns out that it all benefitted the Houston Astros Urban Youth Academy, which gives baseball supplies to disadvantaged kids. That makes more sense than appreciating Houston.

Hannibal Buress played DH, about which he said, “I can chill out, can be a fan, root everybody on, and then it’s just offense man. It’s a lazy, fat man’s position.”

He’s definitely right about that. But his lack of contribution on D may have cost his team. Drake and Hannibal Buress lost 8-2, but it’s one of those charity things, so everyone’s a winner, I guess.

Here’s a video from the festivities:

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