Female Weightlifter Collapses in Competition, Still Medals (Video)


A female weightlifter was competing at the Pan-Am Games in the clean-and-jerk when she went down during the last move, leaving everyone in the audience a little concerned for two reasons. Firstly, it looked like she passed out, which could be an innocuous faint, or indicative of something bigger. Secondly, when she fell, her arms, which were outstretched over her head, fell in a very strange fashion as she collapsed.

Fortunately, though, Genesis Rodriguez Gomez of Venezuela was able to recover from the scary incident and remain in the competition.

Here’s the video:

She was able to come back and lift 109 Kg on her second attempt, which was enough to give her the silver for the event. If it was a regular person, they likely would have stayed down for a matter of hours, or even days.

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