Heavens! Gronk Was Partying Poolside in Las Vegas! (Video)


As sure as the sun rises and sets, you can be sure that somewhere, probably at a pool in Las Vegas, Rob Gronkowski is partying balls out. It’s just a safe assumption.

This weekend, he made his presence known at Rehab, the poolside club at the Hard Rock Cafe, where he did typical Gronk things, like spike pineapples and grunt. (I’m not sure about the grunting, but it’s a safe guess.)

And because it just makes sense this way, the soundtrack to the festivities was provided by none other than DJ Pauly D of Jersey Shore fame/infamy. It looks like everyone had a real nice time, and this is likely the most Gronk way to party that we’ve ever seen. He just becomes more and more predictable, and it’s terrific.

Here are some pics:

@robgronkowski is in the building!!! Doing what!? Smashing pineapples Party!!! #Vegas #RehabLV #PoolParty #Pineapples

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Surprise!!!!!! Look who came to party with us? #RehabLV #PoolParty #Vegas

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Sorry Buffalo #lovegronk #robgronkowski #rehablv #wherethepartyisatlv

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