These Humpback Whales Breached RIGHT Next to this Boat (Video)

humpback whales

There isn’t a lot of context for this video, but that should be just fine. A guy and a girl are out on a boat, filming some water birds flying around when the woman muses that maybe the birds are nearby because whales are surfacing. Right as the man is asking if that’s the case, a whole swarm of humpback whales—a “pod,” if you will—surfaces just a few feet from the boat.

The whole thing is very surprising, even to the video viewer.  And the man’s response is pretty terrific.

The American flag is a nice touch in the foreground. Because I’ve always said that humpback whales are the bald eagles of the sea.

The video is worth a watch/listen just to hear the guy with the camera shriek in delight. It’s like Christmas for him, which is understandable, because this is pretty much the best possible outcome one could hope for when taking a boat out.

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