Torrey Smith’s Toddler Just Can’t Stop Dancing (Video)

Torrey Smith

It’s pretty clear that we’re going to need to hold some sort of adorable baby gladiator competition between Riley Curry and Torrey Smith‘s one year-old son, Torrey Smith Jr.

The latter stole our hearts yesterday by showing what he’s made of, dancing to Silento’s “Watch Me.”  Now, he’s back. And thank God, because it had been 24 hours since we last got our fix. We were jonesin’.

The son of the 49ers wideout returned, this time with a line of backup dancers, to keep the party going. Take a look:

This is really everyday though….he about whipped his arm out of socket…on beat and everything haha

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Note the comment saying that his son threw his arm out of socket on beat. Yikes! I hope that’s not true, but if it is…he really leaves everything out there on the dance floor.

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