Watch Beachgoers Save a Beached Great White Shark (Video)

great white shark

Chatham, Massachusetts beachgoers got to act out a reverse Jaws scenario as they took to aiding a beached seven-foot great white shark recently. The shark, which in this video appears to barely be moving, was eventually rescued as some brave souls tied a rope around the animal and dragged it out to the water. Prior to that act, they dumped water on the animal to keep it hydrated and cool, as we learned in Baywatch.

While I’m sure the beachgoers were wanting to do more, they also had to take self-preservation into account when scooping up a seven-foot killing machine with their arms.

Though the shark appeared to be in bad shape, returning to the water and just floating limply, once pulled out slightly further, it began to swim as if nothing was wrong, signaling to everyone that the shark was doing well.

An acoustic tracking tag has been placed on the shark to record movements of the animal. The data should be available by week’s end.

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