Bryce Harper Handed Out a PS4 at the ASG Parade (Video)

Bryce Harper

I never knew that the All-Star parade was even a thing, so when I learned that it did exist, and that Bryce Harper was there handing out PlayStation 4s to kids in attendance, I was wondering where it’s been my whole life.

The 22 year-old slugger was on a “float” (the back of a pickup truck?) when he hopped off to hand a kid the pricey video game system. I’m guessing this was pre-orchestrated, unless Harper regularly travels around carrying consumer electronics with him.

Here’s the video:

Lucky kid. I wonder how far he was able to run with it before an angry mob descended upon him and stole the video game system from him. Bryce Harper essentially just put a bullseye on this kid with that gesture.

As an added bonus, America got to see Bryce Harper dressed like an arms dealer from Miami Vice, so it was a great day for all those involved.


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