Dad Lays Out Child with a Comically Large Soccer Ball (Video)

soccer ball

We’ve got another candidate for parent of the year here!

A dad was kicking around a giant soccer ball with some kids, when he decided to go the lob route. It worked. He cleared one child, then sent the ball within perfect range of a header. The only problem was that the kid was either VERY slow to react, or doesn’t know what a header is. (Likely both.)

The ginormous soccer ball takes the kid down to the ground in spectacular fashion, and then the screaming starts. Oh, my, how the screaming starts.


Funniest home videos, indeed. I hope that kid is able to move his head after taking that trauma to the dome.

Clearly, the mom filming is concerned, but not so concerned she can’t swing the camera around 180 degrees for a quick reaction shot.

You gotta get the reaction shot!

Hat Tip – [AFV]

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